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BR Curb Gag 18 mm Force

BR Curb Gag 18 mm Force

€34.08 *

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Product information

•         Curb Gag

•         bit rings are fixed to the mouth piece, the straight sides of the rings generate a slight lever action when holding the reins

•         when holding the reins the mouth angles are raised

•         additional pressure on the neck is generated

•         has a relatively intensive effect

•         Double-Jointed

•         the middle section of the mouthpiece is flat on the tongue and gives more pressure on the tongue than a single broken one

•         no Nutcracker-effect

•         horses with sensitive tongues could try to evade the pressure

•         no uncomfortable pressure on the palate

•         Material Stainless Steel

•         classic material, widespread

•         has no original taste

•         rust-free and easy to clean

•         neutral impact, does not stimulate the salivation

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