Snaffle Bit Gummi


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Product information "Busse Snaffle Bit Gummi"

·         Loose Ring

·         this is the most commonly used of the bits as the horse accepts it well

·         works on the tongue and good movement of the reins

·         the bit rings are loosely attached to the mouthpiece

·         ring holes can wear out after some time, the bit should be replaced in this case

·         Jointed bit

·         pressure is mainly generated on the jaw and the sides of the tongue

·         can also generate pressure on the palate (Nutcracker-effect)

·         the tongue has more space than with a straight mouth piece or a double-jointed one

·         Material Rubber

·         food safe and compatible

·         sits slight in the horses ‘mouth

·         activates the chewing and salving activity

·         danger of “abrasive effect”: horses which are ridden with rubber bits should chew enough to produce enough saliva

·         if there is too less saliva the rubber bit can get uncomfortable for the horse

·         rubber can be bitten through easily if the bit is not positioned correctly and gets in contact with the teeth

·         Sizes

·         size: 11,5 cm, rings: 55 mm, thickness: 22 mm

·         size: 12,5 cm, rings: 65 mm, thickness: 22 mm

·         size: 13,5 cm, rings: 65 mm, thickness: 22 mm

·         size: 14,5 cm, rings: 65 mm, thickness: 22 mm


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