Eggbutt-Snaffle Flexi


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Product information "Busse Eggbutt-Snaffle Flexi"

·         Eggbut Snaffle

·         sits evenly in the horse’s mouth

·         the shape of the bit rings avoids a lateral pulling through the horse’s mouth

·         the bit rings are fixed to the mouth piece so the straight sides of the rings generate a minimum lever action when taking the reins

·         Jointed bit

·         pressure is mainly generated on the jaw and the sides of the tongue

·         can also generate pressure on the palate (Nutcracker-effect)

·         the tongue has more space than with a straight mouth piece or a double-jointed one

·         Material Plastic

·         food safe and compatible

·         is light in the mouth

·         activates the chewing and salving activity

·         the surface of the mouthpiece is especially even so it fits well in mouths’ of horses which don’t salivate much

·         Sizes

·         Rings: 65 mm

·         Thickness: 19 mm


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