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Equestic Saddleclip

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Product information

Measurement is the first step to knowledge!

The Equestic SaddleClip enables you to do so. The SaddleClip measures and analyzes each and every training. It gives you unique insights in your training routines.

Training per second

·         Plot your ride to review with your trainer: When did you change gait or rein, what transitions did you do? In what sequence? How often?

Time spend on each rein

·         We track exactly and in real time how much time you’ve spend on the left or right rein. So you can keep track while riding and adjust your training if needed.

Number of jumps

·         During a jumping training we keep track of the number of jumps you do and visualize how many you did from the left or right rein. Now you can make sure your training is balanced.

Gait analysis

·         We measure, in real time while riding, how much time you spend walking, trotting and cantering.


·         As your horse gets more collected, it will produce more upwards force leading to more elevation. Equestic analyses how this evolves over longer periods of time giving you a more precice objective insight.


·         You’ll get an insight into your horse’s base tempo and tempo variation.


·         Equestic analyzes your horse’s symmetry after each training and compares that to previous trainings. You get an unique insight into the development of your horse’s symmetry.

Technical specifications

·         color: black/brushed metal

·         materials: plastics / rubber

·         water and shock resistant

·         connectivity: bluetooth smart 4.1 (lowe-energy)

·         mobile app available for iOS 10 (iPhone 5s and upwards), iOS 11 (iPhone 6 and upwards) and Android 5.1 and upwards

·         8+ hours of riding on fully charged battery, 7+ days on standby

·         no limitation on the number of horses per saddle clip

·         two year guarantee with normal use


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