Simply Warm- the horse blanket for feeling good

You ask yourself:
-How do I release muscle tension in my horse?
-How do I promote the horse's blood circulation?
-How can I relieve my horse's back pain?

The Simply Warm horse blanket gives you the answer. The blanket has six pockets sewn into the back with strong Velcro. In these pockets you can insert the Simply Warm heat pads and your horse will get up to 12 hours of deep warmth. At the same time, the blanket looks very trendy with its black, breathable and robust material with orange trim. Should the blanket need a wash, it is easily machine washable at 30°. It can be used as an under blanket or on its own. A matching neck piece with two additional pockets can be ideally connected to the size M of the blanket by means of Velcro and provides even more warmth for your horse.

Which size Simply Warm blanket fits my horse?
-size S: for horses with back length of 120-130 cm
-Size M: for horses with a back length of 130-145 cm
-size L: for horses with a back length of 145-165 cm

Where can I get heat pads for the Simply Warm horse blanket?

You can get the heat pads in different package sizes from 2 to 12 pieces in the online store of Reitsport Schockemöhle. They are 30x14 cm and without chemical additives. The heat is generated when the iron powder in the pad reacts with the oxygen in the air after opening. After a single application of up to 12 hours, the pads can be disposed of in the household waste.

Pamper your horse with the Simply Warm horse blanket!

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