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Trust Bit Full Cheek single-jointed

Trust Bit Full Cheek single-jointed

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Product information

·         Full Cheek

·         the sideward arms avoid a lateral pulling through the horse’s mouth

·         the rider can guide the horse easily through the lateral boundary because of the arms 

·         with the limitation of the bars, the rider can control the horse easily

·         Jointed bit

·         pressure is mainly generated on the jaw and the sides of the tongue

·         can also generate pressure on the palate (Nutcracker-effect)

·         the tongue has more space than with a straight mouth piece or a double-jointed one

·         Material Sweet Iron

·         generates surface rust through the contact with air and moisture, which is 100 % natural

·         the rust tastes sweet and activates the saliva production naturally

·         because of the chemical reaction, which produces the sweet taste, the horse products more saliva and chews more

·         after some time, the color of the bit changes from grey to brown

·         is the bit not used for some time, it can be generated an orange/brown layer of rust which can be removed with a wet cloth 

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