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Beris Bit 3-Ring Konnex

Beris Bit 3-Ring Konnex

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Product information

·         3-Ring Bit

·         combines an effective lateral boundery, lever action and pulling action in one bit

·         offers various buckling possibilities

·         Curved bar

·         the curved bar adapts to the anatomical shape of the horse’s mouth

·         has a single sided effect, consequently, it’s only recommended for experienced riders

·         well-suited to horses with tongue problems

·         suitable for horses who try to put their tongues over the bit because the curve can prevent this

·         Material Plastic

·         food safe and compatible

·         is light in the mouth

·         activates the chewing and salving activity

·         the surface of the mouthpiece is especially even so it fits well in mouths’ of horses which don’t salivate much

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