Laundry Service

Your horse rugs are dirty and you have no possibility to wash them?

We can help you and offer a rug washing service!

No matter which rug, saddle pad, stable rug, sweat rug, summer or winter rug, we wash all horse rug.

To protect your horse's rug from rain and moisture for a long time, you can also have the rug additionally impregnated by us.
The impregnation ensures that the rug repels water better and is especially recommended for pasture rugs that are permanently exposed to the weather.

If necessary and after consultation, we can also repair your previously cleaned rugs.
Whether you need to mend holes, replace broken carabiners or sew on torn straps, we can repair your rugs through our experienced seamstress in our company.

Due to a new washing system we have the possibility to disinfect your blankets. This is especially recommended during the time of the change of coat, because the horse can quickly get infected with a fungal infection there.

Bring us your rugs personally in Mühlen!

Otherwise, we also offer the possibility to accept the rugs by mail and send them back to you later.
Pack the rugs in individual bags and send the package to us:

Reitsport Schockemöhle GmbH
Münsterlandstr. 1
49439 Mühlen

Do you need more information or do you have questions?
Simply contact our customer service during our business hours by e-mail at or by phone at 05492 5577 0.

  • winter rug 15,00 € / Stück
  • more than 10 winter rugs 12,00 € / Stück
  • summer rug 12,00 €/ Stück
  • more than 10 summer rugs 10,00 €/ Stück
  • impregnation 8,00 €/ Stück
  • saddle pads 3,50 €/ Stück
  • desinfection 4,00 €/Stück

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