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Trust Wassertrense - 16 mm einfach gebrochen

Trust Bit | Jointed

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Product information
  • Loose ring
  • Is the most common bit
  • Bit rings are loose and connected tot he bit
  • Holes in the ring may stretch after a while- the bit should be disposed when this happens
  • Jointed bit
  • pressure is mainly generated on the jaw and the sides of the tongue
  • can also generate pressure on the palate (Nutcracker-effect)
  • the tongue has more space than with a straight mouth piece or a double-jointed one
  • Material Sweet Iron
  • generates surface rust through the contact with air and moisture, which is 100 % natural
  • the rust tastes sweet and activates the saliva production naturally
  • because of the chemical reaction, which produces the sweet taste, the horse products more saliva and chews more
  • after some time, the color of the bit changes from grey to brown
  • is the bit not used for some time, it can be generated an orange/brown layer of rust which can be removed with a wet cloth
  • Thickness: 16mm/0.064“

If you have further questions or need personal consulting, please contact customer service at +495492 – 5577 – 0 or sales@schockemoehle.net or visit our store in Muehlen (Steinfeld).


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