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Trust Wassertrense Flexi Soft

Trust Loose Ring Flexi Soft

€73.99 *

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Product information

·         Loose Ring

·         this is the most commonly used of the bits as the horse accepts it well

·         works on the tongue and good movement of the reins

·         the bit rings are loosely attached to the mouthpiece

·         ring holes can wear out after some time, the bit should be replaced in this case

·         Straight bar

·         unbroken mouth piece

·         allows a smooth distribution of pressure on the horse’s mouth

·         thereby mild effect

·         puts pressure on the whole mouth in case of single sided rein aids

·         Material Plastic

·         food safe and compatible

·         is light in the mouth

·         activates the chewing and salving activity

·         the surface of the mouthpiece is especially even so it fits well in mouths’ of horses which don’t salivate much


If you have any further questions or need a personal consulting, please contact us under +49 5492 – 5577 – 0, or visit us at our shop in Muehlen (Steinfeld).


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