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  • Weymouth bit by TRUST
  • Is ridden with double reins
  • has a very high lever action – a short shank acts milder but also faster, should be used of a rider with a calm hand, a long shank acts the other way round
  • generates pressure through chin strap
  • is used in connection with bridoons
  • Curved bar

·         the curved bar adapts to the anatomical shape of the horse’s mouth

  • has a single sided effect, consequently, it’s only recommended for experienced riders
  • well-suited to horses with tongue problems

·         suitable for horses who try to put their tongues over the bit because the curve can prevent this

  • Material Sweet Iron
  • generates surface rust through the contact with air and moisture, which is 100 % natural
  • the rust tastes sweet and activates the saliva production naturally
  • because of the chemical reaction, which produces the sweet taste, the horse products more saliva and chews more
  • after some time, the color of the bit changes from grey to brown
  • is the bit not used for some time, it can be generated an orange/brown layer of rust which can be removed with a wet cloth
  • Thickness: 16mm/0.064“


If you have further questions or need personal consulting, please contact customer service at +495492 – 5577 – 0 or or visit our store in Muehlen (Steinfeld).


includes: Allantoin und Perubalsam
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