Baby Pelham Soft Contact


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•         Pelham •         can be ridden with a single rein or double reins •... more
Product information "BR Baby Pelham Soft Contact"

•         Pelham

•         can be ridden with a single rein or double reins

•         is often used in show jumping with one pair of reins and with a connection of the two rings

•         the longer the bit sides, the stronger is the action on the horse’s mouth

•         it is placed higher than a curb and lower than a loose ring bit in the mouth

•         has lever action, generates pressure through the chin strap

•         can be used for habituation with the curb

•         Curved bar

•         the curved bar adapts to the anatomical shape of the horse’s mouth

•         has a single sided effect, consequently, it’s only recommended for experienced riders

•         well-suited to horses with tongue problems

•         suitable for horses who try to put their tongues over the bit because the curve can prevent this

•         Material Stainless Steel

•         classic material, widespread

•         has no original taste

•         rust-free and easy to clean

•         neutral impact, does not stimulate the salivation

•         Material Copper

•         stimulates the chewing willingness of the horse

•         should be checked for green rust regularly

•         horses can be allergic to copper

•         pure copper is unsuitable because it is too soft

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