Bit novocontact single-jointed


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·            Loose Ring by... more
Product information "Sprenger Bit novocontact single-jointed"

·           Loose Ring by Sprenger

·           this is the most commonly used of the bits as the horse accepts it well

·           works on the tongue and good movement of the reins

·           the bit rings are loosely attached to the mouthpiece

·           ring holes can wear out after some time, the bit should be replaced in this case

·           Jointed bit

·           pressure is mainly generated on the jaw and the sides of the tongue

·           can also generate pressure on the palate (Nutcracker-effect)

·           the tongue has more space than with a straight mouth piece or a double-jointed one

·           especially suitable for horses that tend not to accept the bit

·           also for sensitive horses that need soft aids through the rein

·           Material Sensogan

·           has a reduced percentage of copper

·           further development of the material mix Aurigan

·           high compatibility so it’s suitable for sensitive horses

·           easy to clean

·           aimed and regulated stimulation of the salivation

·           Sprenger item number: 40540/40539


If you have any further questions or need a personal consulting, please contact us under +49 5492 – 5577 – 0, or visit us at our shop in Muehlen (Steinfeld). 


includes: Allantoin und Perubalsam
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