Weymouth Bit Bemelmans - 2 inch


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Weymouth in general Is used with two sets of reins Has a high leverage effect A... more
Product information "Sprenger Weymouth Bit Bemelmans - 2 inch"
  • Weymouth in general
  • Is used with two sets of reins
  • Has a high leverage effect
  • A short cheek has a milder but faster effect so it should be used by a rider with a subtle hand
  • A long cheek works exactly opposite so it can also be used by a rider with a less subtle hand
  • Causes pressure through chin chain
  • Is used in combination with bradoons
  • Bemelmans weymouth: bent bar
  • The bent bar adjusts to the anatomic form of the horses‘ mouth
  • Mouth piece with wide, forward bending tongue freedom towards the middle
  • Has a one-sided influence and is therefore only advisable for experienced riders
  • Great to use for horses with tongue issues
  • Advisable for horses that try to stick their tongue over the bar
  • explanation Sensogan
  • Contains a reduced amount of copper
  • Further development of aurigan
  • High tolerance
  • Suitable for sensitive horses
  • Easy to care
  • Pointed and measured stimulus of saliva forming
  • Side parts made of stainless steel
  • Including chin chain
  • thickness: 16 mm/ 0.64“
  • Lower cheek: 5 cm/ 2“
  • Side parts: 11cm/ 4.4“
  • Sprenger item number: 42120


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